WBBL – the squads’ batting and bowling stats

In this post I will run through the batting and bowling stats for the players in the WBBL prior to this season, and for the teams as a whole.

These stats don’t include the figures from yesterday’s two matches between the Stars and the Heat.

I’ll run through the aggregate stats for each team, and I’ll return with another post covering the players with the best individual scores.

For batting, I’m only including innings where the batsman was in the top seven, and I’m using four metrics. These are:

  • Batting average – runs per wicket lost
  • Strike rate – runs per ball faced
  • Balls per innings – balls faced per innings batting
  • Boundary runs per innings – runs scored off fours and sixes per innings
Team # of innings Average Strike rate Balls per innings Boundary runs per innings
Thunder 354 28.47 109.0 19.26 8.24
Scorchers 626 25.94 105.2 20.80 10.58
Stars 325 25.71 108.6 18.50 9.47
Strikers 529 24.72 107.5 18.74 9.16
Sixers 529 22.29 106.9 16.43 7.99
Renegades 286 21.74 97.7 18.29 7.82
Heat 341 20.95 101.1 16.72 7.60
Hurricanes 347 20.04 96.8 17.00 7.04

Two teams stand out: the Thunder and the Scorchers. The Thunder have a standout batting average for their batters when in the top seven, and also have the highest strike rate (just ahead of the Stars). The Scorchers come in second on average and top balls per innings and boundary runs per innings, as well as having easily the most batting experience in their side.

It’s also worth noting that the Hurricanes come in last on three of these measures, and come in third-last on balls per innings.

For bowling I’m using:

  • Bowling average – runs conceded per wicket taken
  • Economy – runs conceded per ball bowled
  • Wickets per innings – wickets taken per innings
Team # of innings Average Economy Wickets per innings
Sixers 481 19.02 5.53 0.94
Thunder 361 19.76 5.72 0.91
Renegades 288 17.44 5.78 1.01
Heat 334 22.86 5.82 0.75
Stars 261 21.90 5.83 0.84
Strikers 506 20.24 5.84 0.90
Scorchers 397 22.90 5.85 0.76
Hurricanes 444 26.34 6.38 0.68

The Sixers, Thunder and Renegades come out on top on bowling. The Renegades have easily the best bowling average, and are the only team whose bowlers take more than one wicket per innings they bowl. They also have the third-best economy rate.

The Sixers have the best economy rate and the second best average and wickets per innings. The Thunder come second or third on all three metrics.

Again, the Hurricanes come a clear last, with a bowling average which is 3.4 runs per wicket worse than the second-worst, and an economy rate which is 0.5 runs per ball worse than the Scorchers.

That’s it for this post, I’m going to return with an analysis of the individual players with the best scores on these same metrics.


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