WBBL – after two weeks

We’ve now had twelve matches in the Women’s Big Bash League, with the three matches in Melbourne and Sydney on the first weekend followed up by another nine matches in Perth and Launceston last weekend.

While the Sydney Thunder have only played one match, the Brisbane Heat have played six matches, so the results between the teams are still quite lopsided. So far three teams have won all their matches, three have lost all their matches, and two have mixed results.

The winning Thunder and Stars sat out the weekend, while the losing Heat and Sixers returned and were joined by the other four teams.

In summary, this is where each team stands:

  • Stars and Thunder have impressed, but we haven’t seen them this weekend.
  • The Heat lost three close matches, and have bounced back with impressive performances which suggest they will be a team to beat. They’ll still be weighed down by those three losses.
  • The Hurricanes have won all four of their matches, putting them at the top of the table, but two of those were by the slimmest of margins.
  • The Strikers and Renegades have each lost two matches – in each case, they’ve lost one narrowly and one by a large margin.
  • The Scorchers had one easy win, one narrow win and one loss.
  • The Sixers have been disappointing, losing all four of their matches, usually by large margins.

Below the fold I’ll run through the most impressive individual performances.

In terms of batting, the most impressive figures have been Meg Lanning, Grace Harris, Stafanie Taylor, Heather Knight and Beth Mooney. These players come from the Stars, Heat, Thunder, Hurricanes and Heat – all teams with the most impressive results.

Player # of innings Runs Balls/ innings Average Strike rate Boundary runs %
Grace Harris 6 237 24 39.50 164.58 0.72
Heather Knight 4 139 36 34.75 96.53 0.46
Meg Lanning 2 165 57 165.00 144.74 0.61
Beth Mooney 6 170 28.67 34.00 98.84 0.41
Stafanie Taylor 1 59 38 59+ 155.26 0.71

Harris, Lanning and Taylor are some of the biggest hitters, all of them scoring over 60% of their runs as fours and sixes. 25% of the fours were hit by these three players, and 43% of the sixes were hit by them.

They’ve been able to score large numbers and stay in for a decent number of balls, with Lanning and Taylor each facing 47.5% of the balls faced by their teams.

Knight and Mooney have been slower hitters, but have managed to still regularly score highly, with two of the highest averages.

All of these players have high batting averages. Four of these batters are ranked in the top six averages. Taylor doesn’t have an average because she hasn’t lost her wicket yet, but if she had lost her wicket she would’ve been ranked second.

Since all of these players batted in the top two, I wanted to also identify batters who batted further down the order who played a critical role in a match. Their stats aren’t as impressive but are still all ranked highly on some criteria.

Player # of innings Runs Balls/ innings Average Strike rate Boundary runs %
Ashleigh Barty 2 40 16 20 125 0.45
Suzie Bates 2 54 27.5 27 98.18 0.37
Jess Jonassen 6 93 18.17 23.25 85.32 0.28
Marizanne Kapp 4 65 19 16.25 85.53 0.55
Sara McGlashan 4 95 17.5 23.75 135.71 0.63
Amy Satterthwaite 4 87 27 29 80.56 0.37
Natalie Sciver 2 62 26 31 119.23 0.55
Emma Thompson 2 48 26.5 48 90.57 0.25
Lauren Winfield 5 80 16 26.67 100 0.25

I’ll run through each player:

  • Ash Barty (Heat) – Barty, a former tennis player, has only batted in two innings, both on the first day. She scored 39 off only 27 balls in her debut innings, before going out for a duck in her second innings. That first innings was critical in the Heat’s strong but unsuccessful chase. Barty wasn’t selected in any of the four Heat matches played in Perth last weekend.
  • Suzie Bates (Scorchers) – Bates has batted twice. In her first innings she only scored 7 off 10 balls in the Scorchers win over the Heat, and didn’t bat in the second match. In her most recent match, her score of 47 runs off 45 balls was the Scorchers’ highest score in the final-over result.
  • Jess Jonassen (Heat) – Jonassen bats third for the Heat, and has batted in every match. She scored 52 in the Heat’s chase of the Stars in the second match, which was a clear high score. After a golden duck in her third match and scoring 6 in her fourth, she returned with 10 not out in the Heat’s first defeat of the Sixers, and her 19 runs came in a key partnership in the Heat’s chase down of the Sixers in the most recent match.
  • Marizanne Kapp (Sixers) – Kapp has batted four times, and she has been the most consistent in a weak Sixers batting line-up. Apart from a duck against the Scorchers, Kapp has scored over 20 runs in her three other innings.
  • Sara McGlashan (Sixers) – McGlashan has had a couple of weak innings, but scored the highest score for a non-opener when she scored 61 runs off 29 balls when the Sixers scored 155 chasing the Heat’s 190.
  • Amy Satterthwaite (Hurricanes) – Satterthwaite, along with Knight, has been a key figure in the Hurricanes’ string of four victories. Apart from one duck, she has performed strongly. She scored 36 and 33 in the two matches against the Renegades – which were both one of the team’s top two scores. She also scored 18 not out in the Hurricanes’ easy victory over the Adelaide Strikers.
  • Natalie Sciver (Stars) – Sciver was the key backup to Meg Lanning in the Stars’ two victories on 5 December. Sciver’s scores of 33 and 29 were the second-highest score in each innings, and her partnerships with Lanning of 65 and 63 formed the core of the Stars’ two victories. If Lanning falls short in a future match, the Stars will be relying on Sciver.
  • Emma Thompson (Hurricanes) – Thompson normally bats around 6-8 in the order, so has only batted twice, but in that time scored 41 off 45 balls, then 7 off 8 balls not out. Worth watching.
  • Lauren Winfield (Heat) – Winfield’s first four innings were nothing amazing, getting out for 13, 5 and 4 in the Heat’s three losses before scoring 10 not out in their first win against the Sixers. In her most recent innings, however, Winfield top-scored with 48 not out off 41 balls, leading the Heat to a win with five balls to spare.

Now onto bowlers. As with the other categories, there is more than one metric so I’ve had to choose which players should be featured.

Player Runs Wickets Average Economy Wickets/ over
Suzie Bates 58 7 8.3 5.19 0.627
Kristen Beams 44 5 8.8 5.50 0.625
Katherine Brunt 39 5 7.8 4.88 0.625
Lauren Cheatle 20 4 5.0 5.00 1.000
Holly Ferling 98 7 14.0 6.13 0.438
Grace Harris 93 6 15.5 7.15 0.462
Veronica Pyke 67 8 8.4 4.19 0.500

This list includes Cheatle (Thunder), Harris, Ferling (both Heat) and Brunt (Scorchers) who all managed four wickets in a match. Cheatle’s Thunder have only played once, but her 4/20 gave her the best bowling average of the tournament so far (presumably this will be worsened after future innings.

Outside of the one case of Cheatle’s impressive but insubstantial stats, Bates, Beams, Brunt and Pyke have all demonstrated strong economy rates, bowling averages and strike rates, on average taking a wicket every second over.

Harris and Ferling have tended to concede more runs, and have slightly lower strike rates, but have had some impressive innings, with Harris and Ferling both taking four wickets in a match.


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