BBL – the best batsmen and bowlers

In this post, I will run through the top batsmen and bowlers using a set of seven metrics I have previously used. Yesterday I ran through what these metrics look like for the entirety of each squad, but it’s worth seeing who the stars are.

Like I did for my equivalent WBBL post, I will split these lists between players who have played at least five T20 internationals, and those who haven’t.

It’s also worth noting that the BBL will be played concurrently with international cricket in Australia. Most of the Australian test squad are signed to one team or another, but that doesn’t mean they will be available. Cricket Australia planned to free up a large number of test players to be available for the early pre-Christmas matches, but that is now looking to be limited.

Where a player is likely to not be present I will note that, and for that reason I’ll list ten players each in the international category to include people who are likely to be present. In particular Steve Smith and Usman Khawaja have withdrawn from playing for the Sixers and Thunder respectively in the opening match to give them more recovery time.

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BBL – each squad’s batting/bowling stats

I had a bit of writer’s block thinking about how to preview the BBL season, which starts on Thursday. There’s so much potential data about the players, and it’s hard to decide what is likely to provide new insights, rather than just demonstrating what is already conventional wisdom.

I decided to follow roughly the same model as I used for the WBBL. So I’m going to post here today the key batting and bowling stats for each squad selected for the BBL. I’m also going to do some analysis of what the equivalent numbers looked like prior to last season to see how useful it is in predicting outcomes.

Tomorrow I will post about the key individual players to watch, according to these same statistics.

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WBBL – the best batters and bowlers

Earlier today I wrote a post explaining four key batting metrics and three key bowling metrics which can be used to measure success in Twenty20, and then I showed these stats for each of the eight WBBL teams.

For this section, I’m going to analyse players by batting and bowling. I’m going to separate players between those who have under five innings of international play, and those who have five or more, so we can get a sense of the best players amongst the international stars, and amongst the up-and-comers.

Because this could be infinitely complex, I’m going to just look at the top five for each of these fourteen metrics (seven metrics divided between international and non-international players).

Batting – internationals

Batting average Balls per innings
Stafanie Taylor 41.45 Stafanie Taylor 27.66
Meg Lanning 36.04 Charlotte Edwards 26.98
Sophie Devine 34.47 Dane van Niekerk 26.54
Alex Blackwell 34.28 Suzie Bates 25.16
Charlotte Edwards 34.14 Meg Lanning 24.66
Strike rate Boundary runs/innings
Deandra Dottin 140.11 Meg Lanning 16.53
Stacy-Ann King 133.64 Charlotte Edwards 15.58
Meg Lanning 121.80 Sophie Devine 14.12
Sophie Devine 121.59 Stafanie Taylor 14.06
Stafanie Taylor 117.62 Elyse Villani 13.88

This shows the importance of international players in the competition. Only Lanning, Blackwell and Villani are Australian, while the captains of England, West Indies and New Zealand each appear on at least three tables. Meg Lanning’s position won’t come as a surprise to anyone who followed her batting yesterday.

It’s also interesting to note that three of the top five in strike rate are West Indian cricketers.

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WBBL – the squads’ batting and bowling stats

In this post I will run through the batting and bowling stats for the players in the WBBL prior to this season, and for the teams as a whole.

These stats don’t include the figures from yesterday’s two matches between the Stars and the Heat.

I’ll run through the aggregate stats for each team, and I’ll return with another post covering the players with the best individual scores.

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