Made that as hards as possible for Pujara to score runs against Cummins

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In the test, if there is something special then that is only in Cheteshwar Pujara batting. And although his ability to well stone against the bowlers for that extended period. Which he has served well in his past. That has on many occasions. And if we talk about the criticism too. And the latest one that is such criticism was for his brilliant knock in the first innings of the SCG Test, where all experts pointed out for his slow innings. Also that the half-century came at the strike rate of 29. That was brilliant, and that also detrimental to India’s progress.

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And after the Indian spiders provide the solid platform, which onus was on Pujara and the captain of that match means Ajinkya Rahana to lead towards the team and they reach the good total too. Also their partnership on blunting of the focus on that bowlers. They lasted for 25 overs, yield a score is 32. Also, the Bihari batted well in that match.

Vihari stays for the 38 balls but only that for four-run. And that ended with a run-out. That time the pressure was so much for the Indian team for their batting side. That time they were the implosion as the Indian ended up losing several wickets, the six wickets they lose in only 49 runs. And they concede a vital of 94 runs lead to Australia.

And if we talk about the blinking contest against the Pujara test and his skill against the bowlers. But the Australian bowlers also prepared for that. That time they toiled against the no 3. But if we talk about the previous series about 2018-19 then Pujara had based 1300 deliveries in his that series. After that much-faced deliveries, he scored 521 runs. Also that time around, and they all knew about what to expect. And also they are well prepared for the rest of the games.

Pujara is that man who you know that you are going to bowl a lot. And think about that we got the heads around in this series. But if you think like a bowler then, for Pujara to score run. Then the bowler tries to make that hard as possible. Whenever he bats 200 and 300 or more than that, that time the bowlers just try to good ball and after also try to the good ball. That time they challenge both sides of his batting technique.

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If he is going to hand around as long as possible then he is controlling the scoreboard then the one stage which is the many balls. And if we talk about Cummins then he is the most wicket-taker in this series. That is right up there. And the rhythm is very good of Cummins in this series. Cummins said in his interview that he has good control over the ball also the ball landing. And everyone thinks that was the last ball of the series.