The complainant of the Indian lodge about to abuse against Bumrah and Siraj at SCG

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The team management means the Indian team management has lodged some complaints about the two Indian players. And that two players whose names are Mohammad Siraj and Jasprit Bumrah. Both of them faced racial abuse from the crowd in Sydney. This happened during the third test.

And that they learned that they had abused and occurred over the second and that that happened in the third test and third day of the match. This happened with them means the Jasprit Bumrah and the Mohammad Siraj.

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This happened when the bunch of the players led by their captain, and his name is Ajinkya Rahane. Also that time R Aswin spoke with the match umpire their name is Paul Wilson and Paul Reiffel and that time they bought their notice for those two players. And they had been subjected to the abuse.

The time the umpire discussed something about that incident then and also the security officials. And also the Indian player said to that close for five minutes, that is after the close of play.  Also the team India and the hang around in their dressing room for a while that time the security of India they had some quick chats about that incident in the ground and also that. Venue the ICC security official is also present for that purpose. And that time is very crucial for the players. This should not have happened during the match.

Injury worries deepen for India

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The injury is the very worst word in cricket if any player is injured during the match, then he can’t play the rest of his matches so this is not good for any cricketers and their fans too. And if we talk about India’s injury count in their ongoing tour then the luck is not with the Indian team. 

Australia grew after the two players like their name is Rishabh Pant and Ravindra Jadeja. They were hit while both of them are battling on 2nd test 3rd day so both of them can not play the rest of their matches. And they mean both the players were subsequently taken or the scans to the injury which is determined.

Pant was hit by his left elbow, that time while he attempted the short means to pull off Pat Cummins. That was visibly in a lot of pain, but we have to say that he batted until his dismissal. And also his elbow was covered by the bandage. And if we talk about Jadeja then he was hit on his left thumb by Starc, and he also continued with his bandaged hand.

But both the fielders did not come to the field when India came on to bowl. And by their absence, the gloves are donated or given to Saha in his absence.

And those two balls, that would cause concern for the dwindling squad. Before they lost Mohammad Shami, Umesh Yadav, and K L Rahul for the injury over the course of the series.